Lake Gitchegumee Property Owners Association


  • I'm selling my property, do I need to inform the Association?  Yes! Per our Lake Gitchegumee Subdivision Restrictions (item 16) the association reserves the option of first right of refusal on any property sold in the association. 
  • Are Short Term Rentals Allowed? No, per our Governing Documents short term rentals are considered to be a business and businesses are not allowed within the Association boundaries.
  • What is the speed limit in the association?  Speeds on all LGPOA streets are 25 MPH. This can seem slow and if it does, that means you're doing it right :) Lots of kids, people out jogging and walking dogs etc.  There's always something around the next curve so slow is best.
  • What is the schedule for the boat launch dock?  The dock is installed Mid-May to November 1st. 
  • Why is the boat launch ramp locked and how do I get a key?  Lake Gitchegumee is a private access lake for use by members. All members in good standing (dues are paid current) of LGPOA may use the boat launch which a key is required to access.  A key can be purchased by contacting the Treasurer. There is a $10 fee for the key and it is not to be loaned out.  **ALWAYS LOCK THE GATE BEHIND YOU!**
  • Can I keep my kayak or row boat on the beach at the boat launch?  Small boats may be left on shore, not moored, at the boat launch during the summer, they are to be removed by November 1st and not wintered over at the launch.  Also, if you choose to leave a boat there it is at your own risk, and all vessels must be marked with your lot number.
  •  Can we invite friends to use the lake? You will be issued two guest passes each year upon the payment of your yearly association dues. These passes are to be carried with any non-resident that you allow to use the lake while not in your presence. You are responsible for the behavior of any guest you are inviting.
  • What are the speeds on the water?  Lake Gitchegumee is a NO WAKE LAKE.
  • We live off water, when is the swim beach open? The swim beach is typically open from Memorial Day to September 15th, when the swim area buoys are removed for winter. 
  • Can we swim or fish from the boat launch dock?  No!   The boat launch and dock are for the launching of boats only, no swimming or fishing is allowed in that location for safety reasons!
  • Where are the common areas of the association?  The common areas (swim beach, play ground, Newagen Park and walking trail, boat launch and Dam) are maintained by the Association. We strive to keep the neighborhood looking nice and the lake in pristine condition with periodic water treatments by a lake management company who monitors for weeds.
  • Can I keep chickens or other farm animals? No.  Per the current rules and regulations no chickens (fowl) or farm animals are allowed.
  • Does the association have meetings?  The Annual LGPOA Membership Meeting is always the first Saturday in July at the Buckley Ballfields at 10am.  The meeting consists of any Directors election results and general business meeting.   Monthly Director (e-board) Meetings are always the second Wednesday of the month at 7pm (April through October) via Zoom and a link is posted on both Facebook and the website for residents to view. Member comments, questions and concerns are heard at the end of the regular business meeting. Watch for any cancellation or location change announcement on the Facebook page.